Welcome, visitors

This blog is the newest effort in our multi-media attempt at world domination, er, I mean promoting our wedding /artistic calligraphy and writing services.

Does it seem odd to use this paperless medium to promote one of the oldest and most threatened arts?

No, it’s a joy to be able to reach around the world and connect instantly and inexpensively with anyone searching for our services.

We’re just a little concerned that a generation is growing up not even being able to write and read cursive!

The beauty and intimacy of elegant hand-written communication, however, is not lost on you, artistic reader. Otherwise, you would not have stumbled across our little library in cyberspace.

We will soon be adding photos and scans of our products. In the meantime, we are doing all sorts of jobs with local clients.

Please contact us with your questions and we can send out samples. Our envelope-addressing service is outstanding and we offer many other lettering services. We enjoy doing menus, wedding vows, ethical wills, commendations, sensitve correspondence, you name it.

Call Pat 423-202-1783 or Judy at 423-202-0546 with your ideas and questions.

Thank you for considering us, and good luck with your project.

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